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We want to have our paper kanban always at hand. JustKanban is our prototype to transform your paper kanban into a digital one.

Anytime. No Frills. Just Kanban.

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We love kanban! Managing tasks with paper on a wall has never been easier. Except we can't take the paper cards home when working in a remote team. That's why we're on the lookout for a digital switchover.

  • Stickies on a wall stick to the wall

    While we love stickies on a wall, paper has this habit of being analog. This works just fine when working from the same office, but more people than ever (have to) work from home. Stickies on a wall are inefficient or even actively harmful for remote work.

  • Overloaded alternatives

    There are dozens of digital kanban alternatives. We've checked all of them. Neither of them deliver what's required to replace a paper kanban. Existing software is overloaded with complex task management and analysis. Training to move stickies on a wall?

  • It feels different

    Nothing feels quite like moving a physical piece of paper from Doing to Done? We feel this is completely lost in existing digital alternatives. What happens when completing tasks is no longer fun? Not an option!

  • Data protection

    Details on a kanban board are very much intimate. Do you trust existing alternatives that use intransparent business practices and untraceable processes? We don't think giving up control over who owns the data is an acceptable answer.

Our Story

Here's our story: We've used a paper kanban in our office for years with great success. But at the same time, we're big fans of remote, decentralized work. While this work environment has clear advantages, it also meant we had to uncover new ways to manage our tasks as a team.

No kanban, no structure

It was obvious to us we had to find a way to continue using kanban outside our office. Kanban enables us to organise and structure our processes, but above all, it provides transparency: Everybody knows who's working on what, which perhaps is even more important for remote work. We quickly realised that there is only one option to ensure this…

A digital paper kanban is required

We've looked around for digital alternatives. There are dozens. We've checked all of them. Most alternatives are completely overloaded and focus on completely different things than what we actually needed, making them feel heavyweight, bloated and confusing. Perhaps most importantly, we feel existing kanban software lacks the visual power of a paper kanban.

We are the experts

We've been using paper kanban for years, so we know best which processes we want to map. Kanban has allowed us to build hundreds of software projects, keep track of outstanding tasks and excel at cooperating with our clients. If we're the experts in using kanban and building software projects, we're sure you get the point where this is going. The decision matured to do it ourselves. The name, clearly... JustKanban!

Why JustKanban?

Keep your focus

JustKanban is a kanban software that helps teams to work more efficiently, visualize workflows, analyze and improve business processes in accordance with the kanban method. As a result, you keep the focus so tasks can be completed faster.


Decentralized work

JustKanban is fully available on all common end devices and enables decentralized work from any location. Remote teams, working from a home office or your favorite spot outside is becoming the new normal for many people, especially in these challenging times.

Agile and transparent

JustKanban creates a high level of transparency about the current project status and its progress. Each card on the board represents a task. This simple visualization ensures maximum transparency about the distribution of work and existing bottlenecks. Spot and resolve bottlenecks in your workflow with ease.

You will love it



JustKanban does not overload you with all kinds of stuff, instead it delivers what you know and want in the well-known paper look. But most of all, it feels lovely good!



Change the background, customize the colors of the cards, narrow your columns or use other numerous ways to customize. JustKanban will be your kanban!



Kanban has never been easier, drag and drop to move the cards over your screen. Organize them as you like. Group cards and keep order. Getting things done has never felt better!



We are completely transparent in everything we do and aim to embed our open-source values into JustKanban. We are very good at talking, but even better at doing. Our most important asset is your trust!



We treat your data with the highest degree of respect. Your data will never be used for commercial purposes, we only keep it for you. You maintain full control at all times!



Industrial paper production has a significant environmental impact. Do your part and help the environment: Don't waste paper and plastic pens. JustKanban helps you be an ecologist, a better person!

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